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Ex·per·i·or – [Origin, Latin]
“to know by having tried; to prove”

Experior, an IT4ce company, helps emerging vendors create and deliver training programs, and we are an award winning authorized training partner for established vendors.

Up and coming vendors look to Experior to help them prepare and deliver training programs so they can grow their channels with maximum efficiency.

VAR’s and users know that Experior delivers high calibre training solutions with emphasis on practical content and lessons from real world experiences.

Experior professionals have years of experience designing and deploying training programs, developing software, growing channels, delivering professional services and improving user productivity. We know that without effective training, implementations fall short, users are dissatisfied, sales decline and channels deteriorate.

We view our people as our chief asset. We invest strongly in our main resource - our employees - by training them in new technologies and skills, and by providing them with a working environment that inspires creativity and innovation.

At Experior, our business philosophy is simple – customer satisfaction is top priority. Many companies will also claim this, but Experior goes further. In fact, we back all of our training services with an industry best 100% money back guarantee. We believe that meeting and exceeding customer expectations is not just good business, but the only way business should be done.


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